Finding my voice

I’ve written before (non-programming) and although I’m not a writer, I feel I wrote fairly well. I mean it was time consuming, and I probably made grammar errors which I’m not even aware of … but all in all; I feel I did a good job.

However, since starting ‘While I Compile’, I must admit, I haven’t felt the same kind of flow. Each post has been forced, and in rereading them, I’m unsatisfied. For example, the post on ‘Knowledge Holes & The Brilliant New Programmer’ describes an insight, which colleagues and clients thought was perceptive when told verbally, but when I reread that post, it doesn’t seem to pack the same punch.

I do enjoy blogging, and plan to continue. I’ve got a ton of great ideas and thoughts I want to share. But basically, I appear to be in the ‘Finding Your Voice’ phase. Over the next couple months, I may try a few different styles, and see which one is the most effective. By effective I mean; first and foremost delivering real value, maximizing my efficiency, and maximize my own insights, innovations, and learning.

I hope you’ll stick with me during this phase, don’t judge this blog based any one post and possibly even subscribe to the feed. Like I said, I do have some really good ideas that I plan to share.

Please leave a comment below on anything you feel I’m doing right, or anything you feel I could improve.

John MacIntyre

EDIT [02/24/09] – I’ve since yanked the ‘Knowledge Holes’ post. I’m just going to sit on it for a while, and perhaps it will be reborn in a new post in the future.

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