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Earlier this week I posted What is too simple and small to refactor? about a  follow up to my first Clean Code experience where I took a very small function, and refactored it.  In the end I was truly questioning; how small is too small to refactor?  This post received quite a bit of a response, including a response from Uncle Bob Martin and several refactors from Cliff Mees, Neal Blomfield (his response), Cory Fowler Ben Alabaster begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and even Jon Skeet.

My Twitter Worth Mentioning(?)

“..I’d explain why, but I have to, like, go put on lipstick.”-@aalear responding to a comment “females are too busy being beautiful” #gogirl 8:25 PM Sep 15th

My recent blog posts have generated a lot of feedback among my friends & colleagues. I’m glad. It’s a great conversation. 12:09 AM Sep 15th

I’m going to create a restaurant review site & call it 12:51 PM Sep 13th

“Clean Code is a design philosophy more than a naming convention.” – me #justQuotedMyself #dealWithIt 😉 12:36 PM Sep 13th

If somebody says my code sucks & they’ll redo it, I’d be hurt. But for my design, I’m relieved. #msPaintSucks 😉 10:56 AM Sep 13th

Just saw a really cool job title on LinkedIn “Experienced Code Poet” 11:04 PM Sep 12th

When I hear “the cloud” I know I no longer understand what the other person is talking about. #widelyMisusedTerm 9:58 PM Sep 12th

Friday; I love you, but you come way too fast. #in 7:12 AM Sep 17th

Even when they score a major coup to attract & add value to users, the announcement is littered with comments like “Who uses @MySpace? ” 11:16 AM Sep 16th

Got to say; one of the biggest challenges I have blogging is coming up /w relevant examples. 8:17 AM Sep 16th

#FF @unclebobmartin not for his Clean Code msg, which is awesome, but for addressing your questions & concerns. #wayToGo about 19 hours ago

A programmer started to cuss Cause getting 2 sleep was a fuss As he lay there in bed Looping round in his head Was while(!asleep()) sheep++; 9:13 PM Sep 8th (this wasn’t mine, it was quoted from a StackOverflow question)

In my opinion ‘no written requirements’ is the biggest kiss of death a project can have. #stackexchange 5:42 PM Sep 8th

I don’t hate technical buzzwords, only the ones non-tech people have hijacked. 4:17 PM Sep 16th

Wisdom from Twitter

utahkay @utahkay We’ve outsourced your project to a colony of bacteria. Not the best programmers, but you can get a lot of them for cheap. 6:08 PM Aug 28th

Karen Lopez @datachick “repay technical debt as soon as possible” @drsql #24HOP #DarcVC 6:19 PM Sep 16th

Justice Gray @justicegray I have a dream that one day it will take more to be an “industry expert” in software development than just calling yourself one publicly. 8:37 PM Sep 14th

Ben Alabaster @BenAlabaster You had me at “Hello World!” #ProgrammerPickupLines 7:40 PM Sep 17th

Jim Minatel @wrox Stupid password policies just make people use stupid passwords 12:01 PM Sep 17th

Michael Kramer @MichaelKramer Sorry IE9, I can’t use you. I’m still too pissed about IE6. 4:08 PM Sep 15th

Carlos Figueroa @carlosfigueroa If you can’t be replaced, you probably can’t be promoted. 12:56 PM Sep 9th

Chris Ammerman @cammerman Everyone thinks their opinions are rational, but often they’re merely rationalized. 11:07 AM Sep 9th

Kent Beck @KentBeck if you don’t have a good name for it, give it a bad name. a really, really bad name so you’ll fix it later. 7:31 PM Sep 8th

Knowles Atchison Jr @_KYA “The beauty of the Internet is you can just pull a quote out of your ass and attribute it to whoever the fuck you want.” – George Washington 8:19 PM Sep 7th

Recommended links found this week

Periodic Table of the Elements (via John D Cook)

Threading in C#

Why software development metaphors always fail

Finally The Entire Interview with Uncle Bob Martin

Khan Academy

Tools and Utilities for the .NET Developer

Videos this week

This one is freakin hilarious.  Here’s a quote “Does /dev/null/ support sharding?”  Mongo DB is web scale Unfortunately, I can’t embed it.  Here’s the sequel Episode 2 – All The Cool Kids Use Ruby.  I also saw MySQL is Not ACID Compliant, which is basically the same as Mongo DB is Web Scale, but about MySQL.

Here’s a great quote from the following video:  “How many languages to you have to know to get a god damn web page up?” – @unclebobmartin

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